Project: RAMONA

The project is dedicated to the completion of the technical-economic feasibility study of RAMONA, a new tool for continuous monitoring of Radon gas capable of performing continuous Radon monitoring in air by alpha spectrometry, therefore dedicated to monitoring radioactive emissions by means of a proprietary technique that allows the separation of the two main isotopes of Radon - 222Rn and 220Rn (Thoron). The technique allows, if the analyzed Radon comes from the ground, to separate the "local" contribution, which generally constitutes a background due only to the "near" characteristics of the measurement site, from the "remote" one that is instead the object of the measurement.

Project funded under the Axis I OP ERDF 2014/2020, based on the specific objective 1.1 "INCREASE IN THE ACTIVITY OF BUSINESS INNOVATION" interventions to support businesses in the implementation of feasibility studies and technology transfer projects


fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale 2014-2020 unione europea repubblica italiana regione campania

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