A critical aspect of food safety concerns the inadequacy of the tools currently available in identifying, in a rapid and economic way, the presence of contaminants and harmful species at the production chain level, where the development of innovative solutions able to increase the number of checks and allowing monitoring would be of fundamental importance.
The biosensors are proposed as a valid solution to this problem, combining a sensitive biological element with a transducer capable of converting the recognition of the analyte of interest (toxins, pesticides, bacteria, etc.) into an easily detectable signal, thus allowing to perform quick and reliable analysis directly in the place of interest (a laboratory, an industrial site). Once the surface has been properly functionalized, the biosensor is able to offer a response with very high specificity and high sensitivity. As a transducer we intend to use a magneto-elastic material layer, exploiting the very high sensitivity of the amplitude and frequency of the magnetoelastic waves to any deformation induced from the outside.

Project funded under the Axis I OP ERDF 2014/2020, based on the specific objective 1.1 "INCREASE IN THE ACTIVITY OF BUSINESS INNOVATION" interventions to support businesses in the implementation of feasibility studies and technology transfer projects.

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